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Yes-take in 10,000 refugees No-Keep refugees out
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APHG- Syrian Refugees in the United States of America

President Obama has stated that he will allow at least 10,000 refugees into the US in 2016.  According to the Washington Post, "When asylum seekers accepted for resettlement first arrive in the United States, most go to orientation programs run by a coalition of faith-based and refugee non-profit groups. These groups receive federal funds to help welcome the arriving refugees, determine the best place in the country for them to relocate, find housing, learn some English and start looking for jobs.

As refugees, they are eligible for Medicaid and become permanent residents authorized to work in the country. After a year, they are eligible for a green card, and five years after that, they can become U.S. citizens."

Yes-take in 10,000 refugees

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No-Keep refugees out

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