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1 point

Just to argue a bit, he was in charge of the violent side of the ANC that killed several innocent men, women, and children. You can be peaceful and bring change like MLK.

cfhsaphg(98) Clarified
1 point

I am establishing this debate for a classroom grade, but thank you for your input as I was not going to deduct points from others.

1 point

We have the highest incarceration rate because we keep our prisoners in a system where they have rights like to a jury and a court of law. We do not practice Sharia Law or hang or behead. Third world countries are poor for a reason! They are subsistant farmers for a reason! If we go back to organic farming than we would be going backward in the DTM and that is impossible! Your argument is without support!

1 point

How do you plan on doing it, Martha Stewart? We do not have any sustainable farms in the US anymore as the vast majority are corporate run entities. How do you plan on doing it?

1 point

People in LDCs do not live long enough to get your rat liver cancer. Your argument is pointless as you keep referring to rodent life. GMOed food is what every MDC is moving to as proof with India entering stage 3 of the DTM.

1 point

Are you planning on moving to Africa? I prefer to have GMOed food that fight Boka Haram!!!! We have very few sustainable farms in the US and would not be able to support our 350 million population. You move and join a terrorist group and I will eat my GMOed vegetables and fruit in the peaceful USA!

1 point

How long can you live without eating processed food? If we can grow crops with greater vitamin intake, pest resistance, or any other beneficial quality than why should we not partake in our societal advancements?

1 point

You can only go a few days without food, but you can live years fighting cancer...where is your direct link between GMOs and cancer or are you a rat?

1 point

How much organic food do you eat? If you take out all the processed food from your diet, would you have enough food to survive?

1 point

Do you have any facts or are you just typing to type?......................................

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