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RSS Madalynne

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1 point

There are other ways of increasing food production without using GMO's like aquaculture. Also, even though we use GMO's, the population will still continue to increase. So no matter how much we GM a food or animal, it will eventually stop being able to grow as rapid as the population

1 point

Even though there have been no studies to prove that GMO causes health issues, there is also no way of telling the long term effects of these modifications. Also since the foods are insect resistant, the insects die off, affecting many areas of the food chain.

1 point

GMO's should be banned because we do not know the long term effects of it. There have been studies done on GMO influenced food that has concluded that they are safe, but was conducted only by the companies who created them and have made profit from it. Also since 80% of all modified crops are herbicide resistant, the use of highly toxic pesticides and herbicides has increased significantly. The production of genetically modified plants and animals has also negatively influenced farmers. The companies who create GMOs have patents on them, and any farmer who has crops contaminated by them are sued, causing many farmers to go bankrupt and lose jobs.

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